Things I take with me: Topic 1

  1. The whole series of videos from David The Real English Teacher who speaks so beautifully about being online, in Oxford. Jisk’s productions are always sooo useful, and those are also interesting, looking at common ideas from a different angle.
  2. Never underestimate the power of the group of females talking from their guts about feeling.  They have the power to end up with a concrete, tangible and very useful digital map.
  3. Open tasks lead to unexpected results.
  4. Adobe Connect and me it is definitely love and hate relationship.

The FiSH is WOW! or how we came to the conclusion

We all know those moments when suddenly you just feel stuck. In Topic 1 that moment finnaly came after reading almost all articles (uhh, some of them really hard…), watching a bunch of great stories by David White and even going through a video lecture about Second Life and stuff and a webinar on Wikipedia and CC.Read More »

FISH Scenario 1

“I have just signed up to do an online course and I am excited to be there. But I have little experience of online courses and it feels really challenging to get started to connect and find my way with all these new sites and tools. I guess that other participants will be more experienced than me and I feel stupid asking about things. We are asked to create a Learning blog on the web; it feels a bit scary to do this. I do share things on Facebook with friends, but here in the open? I want to keep my private life separate from my professional life. But on the other hand, my students seem to share and discuss in social media and use all kinds of tools and resources. I think I need some guidance in how to become more digitally literate and what competencies I need to develop to keep up with what is expected of me”.Read More »