The FiSH is WOW! or how we came to the conclusion

We all know those moments when suddenly you just feel stuck. In Topic 1 that moment finnaly came after reading almost all articles (uhh, some of them really hard…), watching a bunch of great stories by David White and even going through a video lecture about Second Life and stuff and a webinar on Wikipedia and CC.

How to relate all those information to the scenario? For an impatient person like me that needs to know the end in the beginning (the crime stories are tortures to me) it was really difficult to come to terms with the fact that things just can happen. Or may really not.

The degree of freedom given to the group was overwhelming at first. I was a surprise to experience it because, well, of course I knew it in theory. I had read volumes about the ownership of learning, the construction of knowledge and other brilliant pedagogical ideas. But to see it actually work, and work on me, that is a different story.

So we met online, we digested the content  – each of us through our own glasses of backgrounds, skills, expectations, doubts. We wrote a few clever paragraphs, cited appropriate sources. A week has passed, and the weekend. And we met online again, talked a while, shared our concerns reassured by Lars that yes, this is totally up to us what we can do with the scenario. Well, so all right, let’s take the learner perspective then. Let it be the participant, we decided not as confidently as expected.

And then a colleague finally revealed:  hey, I am lost. I AM the scenario … or worse. I need a map. A map, you say?

So map it is.


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